Tench Vineyards circa 1970

Coming to Napa

Our family’s history in the Napa Valley originally began with Margaret Tench’s pioneering ancestors who, in 1846 before gold was discovered in California, turned west and followed the trail towards the setting sun and arrived in Napa, California in 1848. They started running The Napa Journal newspaper soon thereafter.

The Napa Journal newsroom in the early 1900s

Growing Grapes

While Margaret’s maternal ancestors had already been enjoying the Napa Valley for nearly a century, it wasn’t until John and Joan Tench (Margaret’s paternal grandparents), moved to California from England in the 1920s, that the two sides of Margaret’s family intertwined. John Tench came from a farming family that bred the first Hereford cattle in 1802 in Bromfield, a small village in Shropshire, England. It seemed a natural extension, therefore, to purchase some farmland in Oakville—and raise Hereford cattle. John and Joan purchased our Oakville property in 1965 and soon realized that winegrapes were better suited than cattle. They planted vines and began selling grapes to different wineries in the Napa Valley.

John and Joan Tench circa 1975

Second Generation

Soon after the first grapes were planted, John and Joan Tench’s youngest son, Brian Tench, married the Napa, California pioneering native, Adair. Brian and Adair assumed responsibility of the vineyard and the first Tench Vineyard designated Cabernet Sauvignon was produced by Gustave Niebaum winery in the 1980s. Indeed, the focus remained rooted to producing exceptional grapes for other wineries resulting in many Tench Vineyard designated labels over the years. Brian and Adair’s daughters, Margaret and Louise, grew up exploring the vineyard, tasting the grapes, and fishing in the pond. The magic of this place well and truly ingrained.

Brian and Adair Tench (second generation) with their grandchildren (fourth generation)

A Giant Leap

The baton was passed to Margaret and her husband, Rem, in 2016. They moved to the property with their two young children and assumed day to day responsibility of the vineyard. Inspired by the courage of past generations, after many decades of growing grapes for other wineries, they made the leap to build a winery with caves; a home for their estate wines. The winery and caves were completed days before the 2017 harvest—just in time to produce the inaugural Tench Vineyards bottling.

Construction of Tench Vineyards winery facility and caves

The Journey Continues

Margaret and Rem aim to establish a Tench Vineyards estate wine that not only honors the legacy and successes found in the vineyard from past generations but takes it a step further; to commit that same perseverance and passion to winemaking as well—all within the Tench Vineyards estate. Immediately upon harvest, the grapes need only travel the short distance up the knoll to its dedicated winery. While modern technology and premium winemaking amenities greet the grapes, it is the hands-on approach, foot-stomping, true attention to detail and passion from the winemaking team which elevates it to its full potential.

Tench Vineyards looking west